Top 7 Benefits of Wireless Thermostats

Who likes those tangled? Thanks to the technology of our times for making many appliances wireless and of course special thanks on making Thermostats Wireless. If you've used a wire Thermostat before,  you can understand why Wireless Thermostats are such a big relief. And by the way, if you're still using the old wired Thermostats, here are some benefits describes for you of using Wireless Thermostats.

Benefits of Wireless Thermostats

Remote Access

Remote access wifi thermostat

Hate coming out of your comfy bed in Winters to operate your Thermostat? We hated that too and therefore, chose a Wireless Thermostat. You can operate your Thermostat sitting anywhere in the house. Some Thermostats are even more efficient and provide access to operation even when you're not inside your home. Connect the Wireless Thermostat with PC, Tablet, SmartPhone and enjoy remote access to operate it from anywhere. So now, no more coming out of the cosy comfy bed. Yummmm!!!

Save Energy

Save Energy as much as never before. The Wifi/Wireless Thermostats are much more efficient than the wired thermostats. Even if you forget to tell them what to do, they figure out the right operation for themselves and turn OFF the appliances automatically when not in use. This adds a lot in saving energy bills.    

Indoor and Outdoor Temperature

The Wireless Thermostats have very sensitive sensors to not just sense the indoor temperature but also the outdoor temperature and the level of humidity. It displays the indoor and outdoor temperature thus making it easier for homeowners to set their appliance temperatures accordingly.

LCD Display

Several Wireless/Wifi Thermostats have LCD display which makes the operation easy and displays clear readings of the indoor-outdoor temperatures as well.

Easy Installation

Who wants to take the headache of getting himself mad with wirings and connections? While the wired old style Thermostats are difficult to install, the wireless/wifi thermostats are far easier to install and maintain. In addition to that, they don't also cost much on repairs.

Good Looks

How about an ugly Thermostat visible somewhere from near your home comfort heating and cooling appliances, badly affecting your beautiful home's decor? People today are a lot more concerned to not let any home appliance affect the decor of their home. It is for this reason that the appliance manufacturers are laying special emphasis on improving the appearance of appliances. If you belong to one such concerned about appearances family, Wifi/Wireless Thermostats are for you. They are very pleasing in appearance and can even add to the decor of your walls.


There happen several incidents when the appliances fail before time not because they had a problem but due to the problem of the Thermostat. Lesser the efficiency and accuracy of a Thermostat, greater are the chances of appliance damage, heavy bills and sudden breakdown. To cope all such threats, the Wireless/Wifi Thermostats are extremely accurate. Far better than your previous Thermostats! And since all we need to have in a gadget which is supposed to maintain indoor home temperature is Accuracy, these Thermostats should necessarily be preferred to have better and efficient readings.

Bottom Line

It is better to move on with times and make use of the ever new and ever astounding technologies to bring comfort to yourself and your family than to stay stuck to the older technologies and make a whole lot of loss; of energy, of money. Everything has its pros and cons but nonetheless, today's Thermostats are better than yesterdays and likewise; tomorrow's technologies will be better than today's so let's move on with the pace of time and make use of Wireless/Wifi Thermostats that are safer, efficient, energy saving and affordable.


Tankless water heater vs traditional water heaters

With an ever increasing advancement in technology, versatile home comfort heating and cooling appliances are being introduced into the market. With so many options to choose from, it is often difficult to decide which model would work best for an individual. This is particularly the case with water heaters. Although tankless water heaters are now as equally used by the homeowners of the GTA as the conventional water heaters, it still sometimes is a time-consuming decision for people to decide whether to install a traditional water heater that uses a tank or the one that is tankless.
Let's help you decide:

Traditional Water Heaters, not for you if: 

1. A traditional water heater uses a tank to store water up to 30 to 50 gallons. This water gets heated through the burner below the tank. Once the water is used, the tank is refilled with cold water and the process continues. Since in the case of these water heaters, the process of heating takes time, they might not be a good choice for you if your hot water usage is beyond what the water heater could provide during the peak hours of usage.

2. You should not consider installing a traditional water heater if the area you live in does not have gas availability or if a fair pressure of gas is unavailable since traditional water heaters usually turn off automatically at low gas pressure.

3. Living in a small house or an apartment? Tank Water Heaters take a lot of space. Not for you maybe!

Water Heaters toronto

Traditional Water Heaters, best for you if: 

1. Considering that everybody has a different budget, tank water heaters are best for you if you've a limited budget. Their installation, as well as maintenance and repair, is cheap.

2. Considering also that every home has a different requirement of hot water, storage tank water heaters are once again best for you if the need of your family members could be managed easily with them.

Tankless Water Heaters - not for you if: 

1. Almost all tankless water heaters in the market are expensive compared with the conventional storage tank water heaters. Usually, they're double the price. Their heavy cost makes them unsuitable for people with low budgets.
2. These water heaters are energy saving devices compared with conventional water heaters but in case you need water for multitasking on a daily basis, tankless water heaters would use more units resulting in more electricity bills.

Tankless water heater Toronto

Tankless water heater, best for you if: 

1. Some people believe (and rightly believe) in installing expensive but quality products so that they don’t have to replace and repair them every now and then. Although tankless water heaters leave the pocket light, they, on the same hand save you money for a long run by faithfully working for you for at least 20 years or more. (keeping that maintenance is done)
They're best for you if your budget permits.

2. While in conventional water heaters, water is heated using the gas burner and the process is time-consuming, the water heaters that are tankless use a different heating methodology, passing water through certain pipes to complete the heating process. This process is prompt and thus, these water heaters can produce as much hot water as required by heating up 2 to 3 gallons of water per minute.

Final thought: 

So, choosing between storage tank water heaters or tankless water heaters depends on your need, your budget, your residence type and your gas/electricity availability, which of course you know better than anyone else. A wise choice nonetheless is to consult a home comfort heating and cooling services company so that they might help you choose between the two.

We, at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services, provide consultation opportunity as a part of our home comfort heating and cooling services. If you’re still confused which water heater to install, simply give us a call on our toll free# 1-855-245-4328 and let us help you make the best decision.