Five Things To Check When You Turn On The Furnace

When outside temperature falls and winter is right around the corner; you must inspect the heating system to ensure it will work effectively throughout the winter. Like any other equipment, a Furnace also requires proper care and maintenance to work efficaciously and safely. The experts recommend foolproof steps to be pursued to ensure the safety of the furnace and comfort of the family.
Read on to know the five most important things you should check before turning on the Furnace in winters.

Registers opening and removal of obstructions:

You must take some time out to check that the vents of every room are open and nothing is impeding the proper flow of air. The major obstructions regarding air flow are rugs, curtains, and furniture. The removal of obstruction and opening registers is the easiest step that keeps the heat to move evenly and smoothly.

Schedule a tune-up:

Experts recommend that tunning up heating system twice a year will keep it functional and efficient for the extended period of time. The fall is undoubtedly perfect timing to ensure that the furnace is in good health and ready for the winter changes. 
A certified professional can assist you regarding the safety of the furnace and a thorough inspection including fixing problems that the furnace may be encountering.

Cleaning the Furnace filter:

The proper cleaning of filters is essential when you turn the furnace on or when you turn it off in summers. A furnace is designed to draw all air from the home. Meantime, the tiny particles including dust particles, pollens, and contaminants will also get curled up with it. Therefore, every furnace is equipped with the filter traps that pushes away all these particles from circulating in the home.
Apart from these filter traps, still the filters of the heating system do not take a month to get clogged with the debris. Once you ignore cleaning or changing the filter after three months, you might see a massive deficiency on the performance of a Furnace. Moreover, cleaning the filters prevent unnecessary odours.

Check the Thermostat:

Thermostat often gets inaccurate as it ages. In case the thermostat is responding slowly, one should repair it right away or install a programmable thermostat. A thermostat that is programmable helps to save money as it turns off automatically whenever the furnace is not in use. A programmable thermostat can save energy up to 9% or more. A wifi thermostat is also up for grab and has become the choice of thousands of individuals since it gives better and more reliable control, rather remote control being wifi supported.  

Testing the CO detector:        

Carbon monoxide is a by-product of improperly burning Furnace gases. The HVAC experts recommend installing a CO detector in order to be on a safer side. And highly recommend that the batteries of the detector be tested on a regular basis. The best time to test the CO detectors is when fall is approaching – these detectors warn the individuals in any event of leakage. In case you are uncertain how to detect these detectors - get the assistance from a pro HVAC expert or local fire department.