Furnace maintenance tips to help keep your system running strong

With the dawn of winters, the temperature starts to plunge low and hence, the need to have an effective heating system increases. Most households have Furnaces that keep the house warm and cozy through the cold morning and chilly nights. With time these furnaces can malfunction or tend to work with lesser efficiency, so you need to acquire the skills to keep it running for a comfortable time. By maintaining the furnace yourself you will save on cash and will acquire handy skills for later use. We have laid out tips for maintenance but, before you get your hands dirty, there are some precautions that you must take. Make sure to turn off all electric supply, or in case of a Gas Furnace, switch close the main gas supply.
Moving on to the tips:

- Initially, inspect the burner flames so as to ensure that the heat is provided evenly. The flame should be of blue color and should not look irregular. If the flames are yellow, this means that the burner is dirty and needs servicing.

- Use a vacuum to clean between the burner and blower. Make sure to reach hidden gaps and small holes that have accumulated dust and other dirt particles.

- Gently take off the blower by unscrewing it and try to clean it with a dry cloth or air. You can also use thin brushes to clean the blower blades, however, make sure to apply less pressure and not damage the mechanics of the blades.

- Furthermore, look to replace the air filter and get a high-quality fiberglass air filter that blocks out the dirt but, does not strain the blower. Try to seal any open ducts that may lead to leakage. Use metal tape as it covers well and is safe for heat and electricity.

- Use a drinking straw to blow a thin line of air onto the pilot to remove the dust. The dust may block and lead to a false reading of the pilot not operating, which may lead to malfunction.

- Moving on, inspect the belt so it should be firmly on the motor. The belt should not be damaged with cracks, if it is then, replaces it with a new belt which wouldn’t cost much. Slightly, loosen the belt screws and slack the belt to pull it out for replacement. A well-working belt improves the efficiency of the motor, overall improving the furnace’s performance.

- Finally, oil the motor and bearings to avoid any rusting or unwanted residue. A furnace is a mechanical machine and with friction these components heat and deteriorate, so it is better to keep them lubricated for high performance.

With these tips and your expertise, you will feel comfortable with an effective running heating system all through the harsh winter. Basic maintenance for such equipment can improve their efficiency and can make them durable. On the contrary, not maintaining the Furnace and not giving it the necessary tune-up required, you are setting yourself up for unexpected breakdown, hike in energy bills and compromised efficiency. 
Become a smart homeowner. Try out these DIY maintenance tips.