Smart Devices For AC And Home Automation

Heard the Buzz that a home could turn to “Smart” with advanced automation technology? A device is smart when you control it with remote, smartphone, tablet, desktop, or voice. Wireless technology has undoubtedly brought advancement and convenience from home appliances to the HVAC system.
Homeowners integrate several smart devices with a microprocessor that coordinate the technology of your choice.

Need help getting started? The following products will turn home smart and save energy bills while they are at it.


Gone are days, when thermostats were just used to turn the temperature up or down. Now, thermostats have become smart and come with many convenient features that anyone can learn to use.
A programmable or Smart Thermostat can adjust the temperature automatically at set durations. Moreover, it can be used wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet. Meaning, homeowners can adjust the temperature from almost anywhere while on work, school, or vacation.  Some high-tech models of smart thermostat have been introduced that learn your behavior patterns and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Smart Water Sensors:

It is great to catch water leaks early on. Therefore, homeowners use smart waters sensors to avoid pipe burst. Though the old-fashioned leak detectors have been blessing for homeowners to detect the problem immediately if any of home inhabitants is around and all ears to the alarm. What if there is no one at home!!
Fortunately, advances in home technology have patched this flaw and introduced smart water sensors. These are battery powered and come with wireless technology, enabling you to connect with speakers and other devices. If these water sensors detect water, they immediately send alert to your connected device (mobile or laptop).

Smart blinds and shades:

You realize it or not, but windows have a significant impact on indoor temperature. How disgusting it feels when air escapes from the loosely sealed window in winters or sun rays bump up the inside temperature on the scorching summers.
Back then, homeowners found the best way to control the amount of heat was by installing the heavy curtains or blinds that most of the time tend to remain in the same position.
But now, for energy-conscious homeowners, automated smart shades and blinds are up for grab.  Smart shades, when connected with a thermostat, allows you to enjoy bigger and better energy savings.

Air Quality monitors:

Air quality monitors are ultra-smart and give a head up regarding the conditions inside your home. These smart gadgets will keep a close eye to the air quality and level of humidity and alert you immediately if anything unusual happens.

Smart home assistants or smart speakers:

Speakers are not just to play music; instead, they have become a central hub for the different smart devices. They let you connect everything from TV’s to sound of your voice to thermostats, bulbs, and AC. Products like Amazon echo and google smart home allow you to have various assistants to keep close track to your scheduling, shopping, and keeps you abreast about other relevant information.