Three HVAC matters you need to address seriously

When it comes to HVAC issues, there's a long list. But then there are some issues that are commonly discussed and others that are not given as much importance as others. While we have already talked enough about the commonly discussed HVAC matters, this blog is dedicated to discussing uncommonly discussed HVAC issues that are, interestingly, in their nature, very important and have the potential to leave significant impacts on comfort. Let's begin:

Only the right only size means the right comfort 

Comfort does not come handy by purchasing appliances. It comes by purchasing the right appliances. And the right appliances are bought when the necessary thought process and professional consultation precedes the purchase. Sizing is one of the few decisive factors for comfort. Choosing a larger than needed size, you will choose for your system to trip frequently, which will result in temperature difference in the indoor. Contrarily, choosing a smaller than the needed system is synonymous with asking the system to constantly work as long as the entire indoor does not get enough cool/warm. Constant operation then results in faster wearing out and frequent repairs. The principle of right-sizing applies to IAQ appliances as well. So the next time, you are out to purchase a Furnace, Air Conditioner, Humidifier, Air Cleaner or any other whole home appliance, make sure it is the right size.

The outdoor unit could be at a direct risk of damage 

The outdoor HVAC units need care not just in peak seasons but also in off-peak seasons or you can say, throughout the year. While in peak season, it is important to keep the unit clean and in off-peak season, to cover it, it is also important to protect the unit from the possible damages of storms and lightning. While storms can bang random things into the unit, the lightning can actually cause a fire with all sorts of shrubs and bushes grown around the unit. To provide for yourself, a complete package of protection, consider surrounding the unit with a barrier and keep the grass trimmed around the unit. Doing so will also help protect the unit from animals and environmental mess.

The unit may be the right size and still not enough  

The sizing of the unit is considered with the area under consideration. But even the finest equation can go wrong when the weather wants to go high and low on the swing of the temperature scale. This can result in Furnace becoming apparently inefficient in winter by not providing enough humidity and causing discomfort. And AC becoming inefficient by not dehumidifying enough and leaving enough warmth in the indoor. In these cases, whole-home Humidifier/Dehumidifiers can be the best choice to consider. With sufficient humidity maintained, the systems will not only work with an optimal performance, but the indoor comfort will also be maintained easily.

Have you considered these HVAC matters before? If yes, how have they benefited you? Also, is there a special HVAC ritual of your own?