5 ways to avoid compressor failure

Air Conditioner compressor does come with a long warranty but many homeowners void their warranty in one way or the other. And once the warranty expires, failure of an Air Conditioner compressor would mean an expense of several hundred dollars. Taking preventive measures to avoid compressor failures is the best way to save yourself from discomfort as well as costly replacements.
Here are 5 ways that can help avoid AC compressor failure.

Ways to avoid Air Conditioner compressor failure

- Keep a check on refrigerant

You may or may not be able to suspect AC refrigerant leaks. Although there are some very clear indications that can help suspect refrigerant leaks, homeowners still fail to find the leaks in time. The best way to make sure the refrigerant is not leaking is to keep a regular check on the level of the refrigerant. An HVAC tech can check for the refrigerant level at the cost of some dollars but spending these few dollars can put you at a very safe side. Since refrigerant leaks are among the most common causes of compressor failure, keeping a check reduces the possibility to a great extent.

- Replace with the right replacements

In case you did not know this, here's this piece of information for you;

Be very cautious when doing the part replacement. Using replacement parts of a different brand not only void appliance warranty but at times also put the compressor at the risk of failure when low-quality replacement parts are used.

- Regularly clean the coil

Compressor coils get accumulated with dust and debris. This dust and debris over time create hard clogs and block the release of heat. As a result, the compressor has to work overtime to expel the heat. This process burdens the compressor and it fails. To avoid compressor failure, keep the compressor coils clean.

- Clear suction lines

Your Air Conditioner is designed to handle only a limited temperature and pressure setting. When the level exceeds, the system fails to handle that and often expresses the anger in the form of failing the compressor. Blocked suction lines is one such scenario that affects the pressure and temperature. To save the compressor from failure, make sure the suction lines are not blocked.

- Subscribe to a preventive maintenance plan

The best way to avoid AC compressor failure, as well as other serious Air Conditioner repairs, is to subscribe to a preventive maintenance plan or to have your system checked annually by a professional and certified HVAC technician. Professional maintenance & tune-up saves the system from sudden breakdowns & serious repairs and allows the homeowners to find and fix the possible repair needs in time.

Have you ever faced a compressor failure scenario? If yes, what reason did your tech tell you of the failure and how much did it cost you to replace a compressor?
Also, what preventive measures do you take to avoid a compressor failure? Share your HVAC experiences, good or bad, to help other homeowners learn from them.