Whole Home VS Portable Humidifier, what to choose?

Although Humidifiers are more frequently used in Winters when there's a drop in environmental moisture, there are yet certain homes and businesses that need to employ Humidifiers throughout the year. Since every home is unique and so are every home's HVAC needs, it is important to know which type of Humidifiers can suit the type of home you have. Before that, make it clear that both whole home and portable Humidifiers have their own pros and cons and that suitability of each one depends not only on the type of home but also on the needs of the homeowners. Let us begin our whole home vs portable Humidifier quest.


Whole Home & Portable - The difference

Whole-Home Humidifiers are HVAC appliances that are used to add moisture to the indoor air. These units are usually installed with the home's HVAC system (between the return and supply vent) though can operate independently as well. The common Whole-Home Humidifiers include:
Contrary to the Whole-Home units, the Portable units always work independently or in simple words are stand alone appliances. They add moisture to the room/area where they are placed. Just like the Whole-Home units, there are several different types of Portable Humidifiers designed for homes with different needs and homeowners with different requirements. The most common types include:
- Evaporative Humidifiers
- Vaporizers
- Ultrasonic Humidifiers    

Reasons to choose Whole-Home Humidifiers

- As the name suggests, these type of Humidifiers are whole home Humidifiers. Usually installed with the home's HVAC system, these units are compatible with homes where all family members need to have humidified air.
- The capacity of Whole-Home Humidifiers is far greater than the capacity of Portable Humidifiers since they're designed to Humidify a fairly large area.
- One of the factors that add to the positive points of Whole Home Humidifiers is their maintenance needs. Compared with the portable ones, these units require lesser maintenance.
- While the Portable Humidifiers need continuous refilling, the Whole-Home units are attached to the home's plumbing system and keep getting refilled on their own
- There's lesser noise produced by the Whole-Home Humidifiers compared with the Portable Humidifiers. Portable units make noise with the operation and the bubbling water contained in them. These sounds could be irritating for some people.
- When it comes to home comfort, all we want is energy efficient products. The Whole-Home Humidifiers are more efficient and produce Humidification throughout the home using less energy while the Portable Humidifiers humidify only a specific area using relatively more energy.

Reasons to choose Portable Humidifiers

- The biggest advantage of everything portable is that you can take it anywhere with you. The same goes for Portable Humidifiers. They are particularly useful for renters who need to take their appliances along when they move from one place to another
- In addition to that advantage, another benefit of the Portable units is that they can be used to provide a boosted Humidity effect in particular areas of homes. Ideal for homeowners with different humidity needs.

Bottom Line

As said earlier, every HVAC appliance has its own pros and cons. The suitability of an appliance varies from place to place and person to person. The best way to make your home comfortable without any financial or comfort risk is to consult a professional or make a detailed research before choosing an appliance.