Tankless water heater vs traditional water heaters

With an ever increasing advancement in technology, versatile home comfort heating and cooling appliances are being introduced into the market. With so many options to choose from, it is often difficult to decide which model would work best for an individual. This is particularly the case with water heaters. Although tankless water heaters are now as equally used by the homeowners of the GTA as the conventional water heaters, it still sometimes is a time-consuming decision for people to decide whether to install a traditional water heater that uses a tank or the one that is tankless.
Let's help you decide:

Traditional Water Heaters, not for you if: 

1. A traditional water heater uses a tank to store water up to 30 to 50 gallons. This water gets heated through the burner below the tank. Once the water is used, the tank is refilled with cold water and the process continues. Since in the case of these water heaters, the process of heating takes time, they might not be a good choice for you if your hot water usage is beyond what the water heater could provide during the peak hours of usage.

2. You should not consider installing a traditional water heater if the area you live in does not have gas availability or if a fair pressure of gas is unavailable since traditional water heaters usually turn off automatically at low gas pressure.

3. Living in a small house or an apartment? Tank Water Heaters take a lot of space. Not for you maybe!

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Traditional Water Heaters, best for you if: 

1. Considering that everybody has a different budget, tank water heaters are best for you if you've a limited budget. Their installation, as well as maintenance and repair, is cheap.

2. Considering also that every home has a different requirement of hot water, storage tank water heaters are once again best for you if the need of your family members could be managed easily with them.

Tankless Water Heaters - not for you if: 

1. Almost all tankless water heaters in the market are expensive compared with the conventional storage tank water heaters. Usually, they're double the price. Their heavy cost makes them unsuitable for people with low budgets.
2. These water heaters are energy saving devices compared with conventional water heaters but in case you need water for multitasking on a daily basis, tankless water heaters would use more units resulting in more electricity bills.

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Tankless water heater, best for you if: 

1. Some people believe (and rightly believe) in installing expensive but quality products so that they don’t have to replace and repair them every now and then. Although tankless water heaters leave the pocket light, they, on the same hand save you money for a long run by faithfully working for you for at least 20 years or more. (keeping that maintenance is done)
They're best for you if your budget permits.

2. While in conventional water heaters, water is heated using the gas burner and the process is time-consuming, the water heaters that are tankless use a different heating methodology, passing water through certain pipes to complete the heating process. This process is prompt and thus, these water heaters can produce as much hot water as required by heating up 2 to 3 gallons of water per minute.

Final thought: 

So, choosing between storage tank water heaters or tankless water heaters depends on your need, your budget, your residence type and your gas/electricity availability, which of course you know better than anyone else. A wise choice nonetheless is to consult a home comfort heating and cooling services company so that they might help you choose between the two.

We, at Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services, provide consultation opportunity as a part of our home comfort heating and cooling services. If you’re still confused which water heater to install, simply give us a call on our toll free# 1-855-245-4328 and let us help you make the best decision.


Instruction in order to select the accurate Furnace for Your Residence

If you’re made up your mind for shopping new heating appliance for your house or making replacement of stalled system, we’ve got you covered. Our Home Comfort Engineers are gladden to render you the comfort with your complete heating necessities—big or small—for an intention we’ve furnished these instructions so that you can select your new Furnace. Feel free to call our gracious team for additional comprehension!

The Massive Picture 

Almost certainly, you have approachable the supply of the natural gas. Gas heaters are absolutely less expensive for an intention to carry out operation, given that the cost of natural gas is somewhat lowered in comparison with the cost of electricity. Deciding either you are necessitated with a gas, electric, or oil furnace is the most important step before making comparison among your choices.
The moment when making comparison of the furnaces, make your mind up on a brand you can trust—one that’s been renowned for various years, such as Lennox, Amana, Carrier. Don’t select a lowered-price Furnace as well as sacrifice efficiency. The high-efficiency system in reality pays off in the long of run thus your energy cost would be greatly narrowed by month to month.

Seeking a Furnace that is the ideal size according to your house needs. If the size is immensely smaller, your Furnace will make nuisance in heating your home completely, as it was in particular established for a smaller space. That makes inference you would obtain less comfort, larger bills, and potential repair requirements along the way. Quite the opposite the larger system may short cycle, functioning greatly frequent and stalling its components. For the purpose it’s greatly fundamental for dealing with specialized Heating Professionals who are known in regards with the ideal sizing along with heating capacity.

An Assortment of Features
Since you’ve comprehended regarding the precise size and efficiency rating for your house, you can think about a number of extras. These may encompass…

    Variable-speed blowers – They permits the adjustment of the fan speed as needed for the purpose of keeping the temperatures within one or two degrees of the thermostat settings. They also operate with considerable silence than one-speed fan motors.

    Modulating furnaces – Makes adjustment to heat as needed, simply as comparable to a gas burner.

    Intelligent controls – Take advantage of the Wi-Fi in the house to get hold of controllability of the heater through an app on your smart phone.

    Warranties and financing options – Seek out which systems will render you comfort in terms of saving.

    Dual-fuel heat pumps – You can pair up a gas furnace with a heat pump developed for the purpose greatest efficiency throughout the year.


The Significance of Routine Furnace Maintenance

People seldom expect the heating systems in their residences to proceed on executing under any conditions with no attention by them. What exactly happens then is that the Furnace gets overloaded as well as worn out due to a broken part, loose wire, or leakage of gas. The most likely time the Furnace will get broken is when it is under the utmost strain of exploitation. That is generally throughout the hottest time of year when a person least requires that type of exasperation! Annualized maintenance provides facilitation in safeguarding these situations.
You can perform some maintenance by your own. Swap the filter on time as well as test the unit prior hot weather is welcomed, or cover it throughout the hot season.

Getting your Furnace competently checked out allows in getting rid out of assorted issues prior they are converted into huge expenses. It permits you recognizing the kind of issues you might be facing therefore you can plan in advance. Appliance-associated laws change, new insight regarding specialized leak test, energy conservation, or additional safety systems might need to be implemented. An adequately executing Furnace saves dollars on your energy bill, too!

It's imperative to have your Furnace checked out early, prior the hot weather hits. Furnace service technicians get swamped throughout hot weather, even from Customers who remain their Furnace in impressive functioning state. When you immensely require your residence kept hot, you don't afford to see the Furnace breaking down. 

Inspect your Furnace on regular basis, budget for Furnace inspection as well as do annualized standard maintenance to enlarge the life of your system. Truth be told, it wouldn’t impinge as much as emergency repairs could, and it furnishes peace of mind!

If you're seeking for specialized heating and cooling contractor, contact Cosmopolitan Heating today. From Furnace Repair to maintenance, we takes care entire things HVAC. Give us a call!


Guideline for opting the precise Furnace for Your House

If you’re planning out to shop new Heating Appliance for your residence or replacing broken system, we’ve got you covered. Our Home Comfort Engineers are there to make provision of the facilitation with your entire heating requirements—big or small—for a reason we’ve presented this guideline so that you can opt your new Furnace. Feel free to contact our friendly team for further insight!

The huge Picture

Probably, you have accessibility with a natural gas supply. Gas heaters are definitely less pricey in order to execute, in view of the fact that the cost of natural gas is comparatively lesser than the cost of electricity. Determining either you requires a gas, electric, or oil furnace is the primary step prior comparing your choices.

At the time making comparison of the furnaces, decide on a brand you could trust—one that’s been famed for multiple years, like Lennox, Amana, Carrier. Don’t opt a low-price Furnace as well as sacrifice efficiency. The high-efficiency system indeed pays off in the long of run consequently your energy bills will be considerably lessened from month to month.


Finding a furnace which is the accurate size in accordance with your residence requirements. If the size is too smaller, your furnace will create trouble in heating your residence entirely, as it was specifically manufactured for a smaller space. That implies you will acquire less relaxation, greater bills, as well as possible repair needs along the way. On the contrary the larger system might short cycle, executing too frequently as well as wearing down its components. For a reason its immensely crucial to deal with experienced heating professionals who are familiar regarding the accurate sizing along with heating capacity.

Assorted Features

After you’ve established the right size as well as efficiency rating for your residence, you can consider a number of extras. These may comprise…

·    Variable-speed blowers – They allows the adjustment to the fan speed as required with an intention of staying the temperatures within one or two degrees of the thermostat settings. They also functions with greater silence than one-speed fan motors.

·    Modulating furnaces – Makes adjustment to heat as required, just as similar with a gas burner.

·    Intelligent controls – Exploit the Wi-Fi in the residence to acquire controllability of the heater by an app on your smart phone.

·    Warranties and financing options – Find out which systems would allow you facilitation in terms of saving.

·    Dual-fuel heat pumps – You could pair up a gas furnace with a heat pump intended for utmost efficiency all the way through the year.


What Makes An Air Conditioner Service Impressive?

Appointing a specialist for the purpose of provision of air conditioner service intended for your house’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is as easy as exploiting drone delivery methodology for acquiring pizza at you place on desired timings in spite of massive traffic jams. On the other side, searching an appropriate entity accountable for the deliverance of distinctive air conditioner service is not in the genuine senses of the terms as simple as expected. By good fortune, at the moment you call is entertained by the answering services department at Cosmopolitan Heating you’re capable of making yourself confident that the services you get at your house from the specialist are of immensely standardized quality.

Now what implies for standardized air conditioner service?

We are blessed with highly professional technicians who are licensed and comprising NATE certification. NATE certification beyond doubt is challenging process that is necessitated with thorough study, training, and testing with an intention of attaining it as it makes certain that the specialist who visits your place is a hard working professional encompassing expertise in the services furnished. They are never compelled to depend upon consultancy, on manual, or supervisor’s assistance that reflects the master work accomplishment because the entire thing required to be rendered is being previously stored by their brains subject to retrieval at the time of visits.

Cosmopolitan Heating promises 24/7 service, therefore at any occasion you are annoyed with an air conditioner emergency which is requiring instantaneous consideration, now you should stay worry free thinking anything caused bad to your system will be rectified by us. A representative by Cosmopolitan Heating in Canada is also productive by delivering a facilitating way with the purpose of scheduling an Air Conditioner Service Online. As soon as you make call at out hotline, you will get to know that your calls are entertained from us personally as well as we make certain that one of our service technicians is headed your place promptly.

And exceedingly vital, your satiation is promised. We’re prospered of attaining the most comprehensive service ascertaining capability under the heading of heating and cooling. We supply both 12-month service work and 12-month product installation brilliancy every time, no matter what. Consequently whether it’s routine air conditioner service or the one-time installation of a brand new air conditioner, you could remain confident that you will not require to pay off for the work to be delivered again and could stay relaxed believing the services were furnished with expertise the first time.

Your air conditioning systems is valuable to an extent of attaining the most distinctive. Feel free to contact us at 905-963-1496 or visit online as well as setup an appointment for getting the genuine impressive air conditioner service.


Opting The Suitable AC Repair Company

Expenses incurred on an AC repair will be definitely the most agonizing things to experience as a homeowner. Not only it can be implied that you got a broken air conditioner and must do by lacking a relaxed house for a period of time, instead you should be engaged in finding time to resolve the complexities. Canadian AC repair companies don’t holds the same image due to the services discrimination indeed therefore make sure you get your vital queries answered the other time you require an AC repair. 


Have you gathered Local References?

Heating and air conditioning system stands out to be huge investment as well as is imperative to last the relaxed residence. For a reason it’s being immensely essential to hear by the local Canadian inhabitants regarding their AC repair experiences. These people are the similar consumers who enjoyed relationship with Cosmopolitan Heating & Cooling like you did for an intention. Trying change will always make you feel awkward especially when you are interacted with someone regarding the AC repair to whom you are not familiar with but this will deliver you accurate, unbiased opinion of the services accomplished.

Can You furnish a comprehensive, Written Estimate?

It’s one way to discuss AC repair costs via phone, as well as the other is to acquire a comprehensive outline of what’s needs to be done as well as the cost that will be incurred for the work and parts linked. Not only it allows you safeguard as a consumer but it also makes certain that the AC contractor is performing his duties that are expected from him. Involving something to sustain the agreement of the both parties will be favorable particularly when anything unanticipated evolved during the time of your AC repair.

Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

At the time Service Cosmopolitan Heating attends calls from possible customers asking these kinds of queries, we’re delighted that our customers have being into such a deep background search. Ascertaining that we’re licensed (allowed to perform the work in Canada), bonded (financially backed by a bonding company in the instance of a claim being filed), as well as insured (to steer clear you from being held accountable should a worker be hurt) is what isolates the true pros by the more shady air conditioning companies out there. An AC repair Company holding its positions as exceptionally distinguished in order to show proof of all of these consequently everybody can feel relaxed.

Definitely, these aren’t the only queries that are require to be asked once its time for AC repair, but at Cosmopolitan Heating., we feel relaxed in exploiting these as a jumping off point. Therefore whenever you’re necessitated with AC repair as well as require a reliable, dependable Air Conditioner Service company in Canada, feel free to contact us at 905-963-1496 or schedule an appointment with our online scheduler.
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Reason an AC Repair Should Be Performed By the Specialist.

Planning an attempt to perform an AC repair by your own? When you are concerned with AC repair, we strongly propose to get it done from expert. Read out to notice why your residence’s most precious system is worth of consideration by an assiduous specialist.

Reason #1: The trouble may not be the AC itself.

At the time you appoint specialized technician from Cosmopolitan Heating and Cooling in Canada, they will carry out examination for the health of your entire system. Even if you are familiar with the right kind problem, chances to be mistaken is possible, or it might be true that eventually the actual problem that lies somewhere else. Why should take a chance when there is HVAC professional available who can deliver a deep system inspection as well as assessment of inadequacies and obstacles throughout your air conditioning system.

Reason #2: Insurance.

At the time you utilize an appropriately licensed, bonded as well as insured AC repair contractor and something happened annoying (consider Murphy’s Law!), the company will be acceptable of taking any responsibilities by mean of their bonding as well as insurance, not YOURS. Or else, you might be accountable as well as financially responsible if anything unpleasant appears, like electrocution, fire, or harming costly parts. You can, and should, find out possible companies like Cosmopolitan Heating by asking for references as well as visualizing online reviews. Another essential thing is to look for whether your HVAC specialist is NATE-trained or not. NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification is a third-party HVAC industry certification company that renders you an additional element of preservation that implies your professional in fact is familiar with his stuff.

Reason #3: Timeliness.

Majority of advanced air conditioning systems are complex valuables as well as should only be repaired by experienced professionals. Contacting Cosmopolitan Heating and Cooling is the swift and simplest way to attain your AC repair with precision of performance. Appointing a novice handyman or attempting in order to repair the AC yourself on the other hand, would not only be time wastage, but may not in fact rectify the malfunctioning in any way. Getting your air conditioner in appropriate executing shape is vital to your family’s comfort in the hot summer months, therefore don’t utilize valuable uncomfortable hours exploiting with a view in figuring out what might be a complex technical issue.

There’s no way out other than enjoying relationship with Company who send over an HVAC specialist at you place, similarly as you are interacted with the mechanic when your automobile is stalled. Home comfort is the most desirable thing for you, therefore you should have relate the Air Conditioning problem with expert who is familiar with the AC unit inside and out as well as willing to visit you place  next time you want them. Anytime you are requiring an AC repair? Give the pros at Cosmopolitan Heating in Canada a call at 905-963-1496 or schedule an appointment online.