Wood Fireplace vs Gas Fireplace

What a soothing experience it is to sit in front of a Fireplace and see the blazing Fire. The practice of staring the fire has been a ritual for many in the past and even today. But in Winters, having a home in Canada, it's the favourite ritual of all i.e to sit and feel the warmth of the fire. Currently, there are two types of Fireplaces that are being used by people in Toronto and GTA areas. One is the Gas Fireplace while the other is the traditional Wood Burning Fireplaces. Everything has pros and cons and so do the different types of Fireplaces. The installation, maintenance, repair and also the replacement of Gas Fireplace and Wood Fireplace is different. Also, the warming experience received from the two is not the same. So how to decide which one you should install and which of the two would be a convenient and economical option? Below, we're giving a comparison between the mentioned types of Fireplaces. Continue reading and explore what's for you:


Everyday Use - Easy to difficult

There's 180 degrees difference between the use of Gas and Wood Fireplaces. In the case of Wood Fireplace, you've to go a long way. Get wood logs, cut them and put them into the Fireplace. Or if you're planning to save a few dollars, go for hiking and take an axe with you. Find some old trees and collect the desired wood. By the way, who has time for that today? I'm sure you're busy and can't afford to do that. The benefit of the gas fireplace over the wood fireplace is that you don't have to do an exceptional effort in order to give yourself warm blows. Turning on the gas valve connected to the Fireplace is the only thing you'll have to do and lo! The fire is on. Easy? Oh yeah! If you're a hardworking person and would love to cut wood like a woodcutter, do it, man! But if you're a busy and lazy person like us, Gas Fireplace is a great deal to enjoy.

Cost Effective - Gas or Wood?

Ooops! The cost might faint you. Comparing wood with gas, the Wood is cheaper of course. And as said earlier, you can save the cost of wood as well by doing some struggle on your on. In the case of Gas, although a lot of other benefits are there, the cost of Gas is more than wood and if the Fireplace is the only thing you've at home for heating, the bills might get fatty. So it depends on a lot of factors whether or not you should go for a Gas Fireplace installation. Usually, people only have Fireplace in the drying room that too for the purpose of making the room aesthetically appealing. If there's a limited use, Gas Fireplace still remains a better option.

Burning Experience - From crackles to ashes

Love the crackling sound? We love it too. But as long as the Fireplace you have is on Gas, there will be no crackling sounds to enjoy. This feature is wood exclusive dudes. The burning experience of the wood fireplace is more aromatic, aesthetic and enjoyable but at the same time, there are other consequences too. Wood produces soot and ashes that sometimes blow out of the Fireplace and cause irritation, smell and smoke. This does not happen in the case of Gas Fireplace since a Gas Fireplace is just like a Gas Heater that causes fire because of the Gas. Apparently, the Gas Fireplaces are also made in a way to look like the traditional wood fireplaces because they are more appealing so if your primary concern is appearance, you can easily enjoy the benefits of gas fireplace while having a wood-like appearance.

Bottom Line

Nothing is a hard and fast rule. Some people enjoy Wood Fireplaces while other prefer Gas over Wood. Keeping your own very conditions in mind, your budget as well as the gas/wood rates and availability in your area, you can decide which one will work best for you. We have given a comparison of both that can help you taking the decision.
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