9 Smart Ways to keep yourself warm when your Furnace/Heater ceases to work

Summer has finally ended. Chilly winds, awesome weather, Winter dresses out of the closet, pancakes, nachos and there you go, the first rain of Winter arrives and all of a sudden you run for turning on the heating appliances but wait! What? Don’t tell that the Furnace is not working! No! It's -3 degrees Fahrenheit people, the time we desperately want our homes to be fully cosy and comfortably warm. Unfortunately, this is the situation that many homeowners have to face; of the unavailability of heating appliances primarily because the appliances were not given an in-time tune-up. So what to do when this happens? How to keep yourself warm when the Furnace/Heater/Boiler ceases to work? Here are some tips to help you fight such circumstances like a smart homeowner.

Winter home heating tips

  • Pack yourself

Did you get it? Yes! cover yourself with undershirts, warmers, tights, knee length socks and fitted warm clothes to avoid the ice-age you are in. Wear woollen mufflers outside and knitted caps inside as they are the warmest of all. Even for the normal conditions, experts say it is better to cover yourself with warm clothes than to run heating appliances all the time.
  • Close the doors

Yes, If you want to protect yourself from cold and numbing air slinking in from the cracks of your doors, windows and skylights, close them! Cover the bottom spaces of doors with foot mats and tightly lock slides of windows to keep the room temperature from decreasing. Also, do not forget the skylights as they play a vital role in cooling the house by pulling the hot air out. Make sure no indoor heat is losing through doors.
  • The oven heats pizza, why can't it heat you?

Ready to make some muffins or cheesecake? Make lots of cookies, crescents and cupcakes and enjoy them. Also, fill the jar for any expected guests. But what’s the hack in here? What does that have to do with you running short of indoor heat? There it is! After baking, leave open the oven door for a while for the heat particles to hug the cold air outside so that the environment gets a little cosy & warm.
  • Hot Water Bottles - Mini DIY heaters

Ever tried hot water bottles for pain relief? They work absolutely amazing for heating your sleeping sheets. Fill a hot water bottle and keep it under your blanket to warm up the whole blanket and the area you’re lying.
  • Carpets to suck coldness

Cover your floor with carpets or rugs in Winter as it will also protect you from getting cold and will prevent the floor from wintry sub-zero frore.
  • Laundry saves you from freezing

It’s difficult to move about in colder temperatures but that is what will help you feel less cold. Generate natural heat by exercising or doing house chores like laundry etcetera. Ever wondered why we feel less cold when busy with work and why begin to shiver when free. This is why!
  • Coffee Love

       For the coffee lovers, that’s your time to avail the opportunity of taking hot beverages as much as you can. So stuff your mouth with your favourite chocolates, look for the perfect tea /coffee flavour, get yourself an Italian cappuccino and voila! You will feel free from the cold outside and experience the warmth deep inside!  
  • Ever tried Acupressure as an alternative of Furnace?

Try learning about some acupressure points which help you in stabilizing your body temperature and producing body heat. Basics can be learned easily from internet. There are some youtube channels run by professionals that can help learn about acupressure.
  • Fabric matters

Buy some velvet bedsheets and avoid those cotton or silk bed covers as they do not get warm as effectively as the velvet or wool bed sheets do. When it comes to Winter shopping, every single choice matters.

We hope these quick hacks would help you guys but better get the furnace repaired or buy a new one to save yourself a fatigue. Be quick to bring your heating fortune back in order to enjoy soothing and warm indoor air with least hassle and unease.