Got a new Thermostat, what to do with the old one?

Disposal of the home comfort heating and cooling appliances and gadgets require utmost care and a responsible attitude. You already know it if you're a conscientious Canadian citizen. By the way, most Canadian are!

Why is proper disposal important?
So, we were talking about appropriate disposal. Why are we emphasising of it? Why can't you just throw the used gadgets, appliance parts etc in the garbage bucket? How do these thrashed appliances can damage the environment and become a risk?
Basically, the home comfort heating and cooling appliances are made using different chemicals and other materials. Those substances, as long as they remain inside of the appliances and perform the necessary function, remain of use but as long as they get in contact with the open environment, they could drastically affect the surrounding environment. Take, for example, mercury. Mercury is used in Thermostats and only a few grams of mercury can contaminate a lake of up to 8 hectares to such an extent that its fish don't remain edible for a whole year. Got an idea why is proper disposal important?
But hold on! You don’t have to worry about the disposal at all. Of course, in these times of tight schedules and busy routines, who has time to go and do the disposal or recycling? Good thing is, someone’s doing it for us.

Thermostat Recovery Program
What a treat it is to live in Canada. Canadian government makes sure to provide ultimate health and security standards to its citizens. A link of the same chain is the ''Thermostat Recovery Program''. TRP is an initiative of HRAI institute of Canada. TRP is committed to safely recover and properly recycle the Thermostats that contain mercury. They accept both electronic and mechanical Thermostats. The service is not for a particular area. It is open to all Canadians.

How to send a used Thermostat to TRP?
It's easy! TRP has specified public Thermostat drop off locations. People can simply do the ''go and throw'' and the TRP will collect the Thermostats from there for recycling either by themselves or via their contractors. This way, not only the Thermostats get thrashed but also don’t become an environmental hazard which is one of our top problems on Earth.

Love your planet? help save it!
Did you hear that the scientists have found another planet completely suitable for living? Please don't say, ''Oh yeah, Mercury?''  We just talked about one type of Mercury, the planet mercury sure wouldn't be worth living and the news is old enough. So, we're left with only one choice for so far and that is; Earth! Beloved Earth! So we need to be overly conscious about keeping it liveable as long as no alternative is found. There's a great deal of contribution that you can do by simply doing a proper disposal of your Thermostats. Remember that few grams of mercury in a pond example?    

Already bought a new Thermostat or planning to purchase one? Please dispose of the older one properly. Also, don't forget that TRP can help you.