How to eliminate these 7 common bad smells from home?

Each house has an odour which is a combination of people living there, their perfumes, aftershave, the food they're cooking, and so on. But the bad smell is most offensive and actually possesses different toxins which affect your health badly. Moreover, you would not want your respectable guest to feel it. To avoid such unpleasant smells, you must know the possible ways to eradicate them from your place.

Pets have a smell:

Healthy animals do not have an offensive smell, but unhealthy animals often have. Animals smells can be tough to abolish as they are constantly present at the home. This type of smell can even be embedded in clothes and fabrics. Medical care can be used to resolve pet relating odors.

What causes pet odor:

Malodor is an indication of a health problem.

Ear, mouth, anal area, vulva, or skin are sources of pet odor

Footpads contain glands that in some healthy animals produce a "dog odour."

Cigar/cigarette smell:

Even if you ask someone to smoke outside, the smoke can still enter and stay in the house through open doors. To fix the issue, use a hand towel and pour some white vinegar, after which you wring it out and take the towel and walk through the home, swinging it all in the air.

Fishy Smells:

The most obvious cause of the fishy smell is bringing a fish at home. While the other elements can also carry this annoying odour, generally, the burn of plastic or electrical wires causes a fishy or urine like smell. To prevent this, you must check all wires if they are looking like burnt or melted. Make sure any plastic is far away from the heating sources.

Avoid Musty and Moldy Smells:

The abandoned or damp area in your home where water leaks and moisture builds up can cause a musty smell. Vinegar and water solution works best to clean all the mold on the surface. Having a proper ventilation system within the home can also help you to lessen this specific smell.

Rotten Egg Smell:

Do you sense any smell of a rotten egg? Then you must draw all attention to the gas. This odor may act as an indicator of clogged P-trap. A properly working P-trap does not let the gas to come up the drain. To avoid this situation, you must flow some water at least once within a month.

Keep your Kitchen clean:

You must develop some good kitchen habits such as wiping out the sink after washing dishes, cleaning up spills ASAP, having a trash bowl and taking out the garbage regularly. If your garbage stinks and it is not yet full, you should sprinkle some coffee grinds on it. This will help to eliminate the bad odor.

A foul smell from a bathroom:

To prevent your bathroom from stinking; you must make sure the exhaust fan is working properly. In a severe situation, you should prepare a spray. The spray should contain 2 cups of water with 1 tbsp white vinegar, I tsp. baking soda, and 10 drops of essential oil. Use this spray to eliminate the typical bathroom odours.


You won't be bothered by bugs this Summer

You are not bothered by the bugs in the outdoors much. Even when you are, you don't really mind it knowing that you are not staying in the outdoors for an entire life. But let's be practical, we all are bothered by the bugs in the outdoor as well as in the indoor. And there are solutions to be at peace in both situations, whether you are enjoying a picnic outside or cherishing with your family in the indoor. This blog, however, is dedicated to some practical, handy and very easy DIY solutions to rid your indoor of bugs. The first is about making a bug fogger while the other about insect repellent. So let's begin.

Bug Fogger and Bug Repellent

DIY Carbon Dioxide Bug Fogger  

- As the Summer begins and the windows are more often opened than closed, go to the nearest store and grab some dry ice. Execute the procedure in the day time and preferably when kids are not at home. Fill a bucket of cold water and place it in whatever area you want to be fogged. The measurement for water and dry ice as per area goes like this;
200 sq feet = 6-10 cups water
200 sq feet = 1 lb dry ice
In case the area is larger than that, make the measurements accordingly by adding 3-5 cups of water for every additional 100 sq feet and 0.5-1 lb dry ice for every additional square foot.

- After placing the water tub in the room to be fogged, close the windows and cover your face properly with a mask. Now add dry ice to the water. It will start to fog, producing concentrated Carbon Dioxide. Place a fan in one corner of the room in order to circulate the fog. Once the procedure begins, leave the room. Give the process 10 minutes to 1 hour in order to let the fog penetrate into all corners completely. Return to the room when the fog has evaporated. If the room appears slightly foggy, open the doors and windows.
This procedure will kill all the bugs hiding anywhere in the room and will abstain the bugs from buzzing in your indoor for a sufficient time period.

DIY Salt Insect Repellent 

You might have observed that most insects are seen on the floor. Primarily for the reason that the floor has some fallen pieces of eatables which the insects need to pick and then drop to their homes made in the room corners. In order to make the floor unsuitable for them to crawl on and give your guests the impression, you don't keep enough cleanliness, make use of your mop. As you mop the floor, add a spoonful of salt in the water. This salt-water mopped floor will repel bugs and insects from crawling on the floor and will eventually repel them from coming to your home since they would know you are not welcoming. 

How often do you feel bothered by bugs and insects and what ways do you use to combat them?