And here comes a problem faced by every other Toronto homeowners when it comes to the attempts of upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. Homeowners complain that even after them having upgraded their HVAC system to the most efficient units they could possibly afford, the expected efficiency is nowhere seen and energy bills have not significantly dropped. The reasons behind this could be two. One is faulty ductwork while the other is failing attic insulation. As long as these two do not support the new system enough, optimal efficiency should not be expected even if the system is brand new and super-efficient. Below we discuss why attic renewal and ductwork fixes should be combined with upgraded system installation. 

Why is attic insulation renewal important?

HVAC professionals tell that the heat loss that takes place, 25% of it takes place through the attic. This means, failing insulation even if it is combined with an efficient system will fail to deliver the expected efficiency as a bulk of heat loss with continue to take place. With a failing or uninsulated attic, the indoor warmth is lost in no time in winters while in summers, humid and hot air penetrates easily in the attic and from there into your home. And this suggests, no matter how hard your system was trying, it will continue to fail to meet the expectations. Also, a new system when it runs longer and harder speedily loses its efficiency. 

Faulty or Leaky Ductwork

Here's another factor that contributes to hindering the efficiency of a newly installed system and that is faulty or leaky ductwork. Blockage or leaks in ductwork do not let the airflow run smoothly through it and as a result, the system has to push harder and longer. Resultantly, no or very insignificant change is observed in the utility bills.

What else to do to ensure optimal efficiency?

Look out for gaps

Gaps in the attic often play a prime role in not allowing the attic to work as an absolute combater. Look out for gaps and fill them properly.

Don't forget ventilation

Most often, homeowners forget to provide the attic with proper ventilation. Remember that although the purpose of the attic is to seal, there still is a need to allow some ventilation so that the moisture doesn't make way into the attic and over humanity does not create marks.

Bottom Line

As a homeowner investing in home comfort heating and cooling, please remember that a well insulated home and well-kept ductwork can save you bucks on energy bills. Contrarily, upgrading to new systems and not renewing attic or not fixing ductwork flaws is synonymous with enjoying no significant increase in comfort and a decrease in energy bills.

A professional's recommendation, therefore, is that while having a new system installed, allow a professional to inspect the attic and ductwork so that he might suggest if any changes are needed to be made.

Act wisely and make sure when you invest your hard earned money on HVAC, you always make the most of it.

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