Normally, people who call professional HVAC service providers for maintenance are the people who either don't have time for maintenance of appliances or they have insufficient knowledge to perform the maintenance themselves. In both cases, a technician comes and goes and the homeowner remains unaware of what the technician was supposed to do and what he did. Understand the fact that not all services are honest services and not all technicians committed workmen. In order to make sure you invested at the right place and was able to enjoy the due benefit, it is essential to at least know what tasks an HVAC professional is supposed to perform when he comes for a maintenance visit. This will help you have an ultimate service of your system and the investment on maintenance will return on good terms.
Here is what you should expect from an HVAC technician on a maintenance visit.


1: System Check Up

Remember that we’re talking about HVAC maintenance visit, not an Air Conditioner or Furnace Maintenance alone. So, on a complete system checkup visit, a technician is supposed to check the whole system including the Ductwork, the Appliances attached i.e Air Conditioner, Furnace, Humidifier/Air Cleaner and the gadgets attached i.e Thermostat etc. A whole system check-up is supposed to be performed to make sure everything's working well.

2. Safety Check

In addition to the whole system check up for optimal system performance, a technician is supposed to perform a general safety check as well to make sure there are no loopholes in the system that could prove to be dangerous for the system.

3. Cleaning

The benefit of taking professional maintenance services is that you don't have to take the worry of system cleaning. On a maintenance visit, cleaning of all HVAC components, vents and sometimes the cleaning of ductwork is included.

4. Check for Repairs

Since you've called a professional because you couldn't do it yourself, it is the professional who is required to check the system for any possible repair needs or replacement needs and inform the homeowner of it.

5.  Answering questions

If your technician performed the maintenance tasks and left without answering the questions you had, he performed not a complete job. It is a maintenance technician's responsibility to answer the questions of the homeowners if they have any and to suggest them the ways to keep up their system. So next time a technician comes, don't hesitate to ask him anything (regarding the HVAC system of course! What else did you think?)  

6. Maintenance Report

For your reference, a written report is to be provided by the technician to you at the end so that you know what exactly did he do if you personally haven't been around. It is sort of a written record that helps later on further maintenance visits.

Bottom Line

Have you ever taken a professional maintenance service? Did you make sure your technician performed all the above-mentioned tasks? If not, do it from now. Although it is highly suggested to be around when your HVAC technician is performing the maintenance but if you couldn't be available, make sure to read the Maintenance report carefully when provided and give a quick check to those things the maintenance of which have been made. This will help you make sure that you didn't litter your money and had chosen the right service.   

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