What? What did you just said? Humidity can cause Cancer?
Nah! I didn't say humidity causes cancer. Here's what I said; High humidity level can cause cancer''
No more curiosity spreading! Let us learn how is that possible but before we do that, here's something to know about Humidity.

High humidity causes cancer

What is Humidity?

Humidity is the amount of moisture/water vapours present in the air. There is a particular level of humidity which must be present in the air for us to breathe easily. That level is between 40% - 50%. Every time the level of Humidity is below normal or above normal, things don't remain as cool as they should be. Which means, be ready for some problem. For example, low level of Humidity causes irritation, itchy eyes, sinus and throat problems etc. Similarly, high level of humidity causes the production of bacteria, heating exhaustion, muscle cramp, fainting, fatigue etc. For a healthy living, the level of humidity in the indoor needs to be kept controlled using Humidifiers or Dehumidifiers as per need.

How can high humidity level cause Cancer?

Studies show that high level of Relative Humidity can allow VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) to exist in high concentration. Could you guess what VOC's are? If not, read on:
VOC is an abbreviation of Volatile Organic Compounds as said already. It refers to all such organic compounds that have a tendency to easily become vapours, gas or in simple words, compounds that can evaporate easily. For example; Air Fresheners, Paints, Varnishes, Wood Preservative, Cleaning Products etc. And the worst thing about these VOC's when they're present in high concentration in the air we breathe is that they can put humans at the risk of eczema, throat and sinus issues, CNS (Central Nervous System) damage and even Cancer. This is how higher than normal humidity level can lead to Cancer, a terminal illness. Remaining in the indoors with high humidity level is synonymous to living under high concentration of VOC's which means....you're risking your health.

How to cope with High Humidity?

To save yourself from the consequences of high Humidity, you have to control the level of moisture on the first hand. Controlled humidity will automatically reduce the health risks that high levels of Humidity put you in. Here are ways to remove excessive humidity from the air.   

1. Use a Dehumidifier. You already know it! A dehumidifier keeps the humidity level controlled and is useful particularly for Summers when the moisture goes out of hand.
2. Dehumidifiers are not cheap and of course, not everyone can afford to purchase them. There's though a cheap alternative that can be used. Silica Gel Bags can be used to absorb moisture from the air. Just place them somewhere in the home and they absorb moisture from the air. Less than $1 Dehumidifier.
3. The level of Humidity raises when there's lack of ventilation. Make sure there's proper ventilation  
4. Water leaks cause moisture and as a consequence increase Humidity in the air. Check for leaks and cracks in the water supply lines, water tanks etc and fix them
5. Set your AC on 'Auto' instead of 'ON'. This allows the Air Conditioner to dehumidify the indoor air since the longer it operates, the more it will dehumidify

Bottom Line
Excess of everything is bad. The same is true for moisture in the air and is, therefore, needs to be kept maintained else it leads to serious health problems. If you're facing high humidity problem, try using the above-mentioned ways. But in case, you're already trying all the possible ways, and the humidity is still out of control, try calling in a professional to check what's wrong.

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