You could buy the brightest of brands and spend like the richest of all and still fail to enjoy the highest of efficiency from an HVAC appliance when you are into making some apparently ordinary mistakes. Let us talk in particular about the Humidification systems. Humidity drops below 10% in Winters when the Furnace is constantly running while the required level of indoor humidity is 30%-40%. And when there's low humidity, you could face several problems, the most common of which are; skin irritation, static electricity, breathing problems and others. But the matter of concern is; these problems can persist even when you have the costliest of Humidifier unit installed at home. Why on earth? Some common mistakes that lead to this uncomfortable indoor air are hereunder;

Mistake# 1: Wrong size
Installation of a Humidifier isn't enough. Size matters and it matters a lot. And the size of the unit does not only depend on the space area, it also depends on the building material used, the type of heating system incorporated to heat the indoors, the consideration of whether or not the house is insulated and also the presence of additional heating elements like Fireplace and space heaters that have a potential of over-drying the air. So before you say yes to a unit, consult a professional and make yourself 100% sure that it is the right size.

Mistake#2: Wrong type
In addition to the wrong size, another big mistake that is commonly made is that of choosing the wrong type. Homeowners often get so fascinated with the television advertisements or the sales and rebate options that they right away go for purchase without a second thought or proper consultation. The truth is; different systems are made to work best under different particular conditions. Your home may or may not be the right place to install that type of unit that you are choosing. In addition to that, the likes and dislikes of the homeowners do also count. Some members may be irritated with a particular type of Humidification mechanism so you need to keep all these factors under consideration before installing a whole-home Humidifier that will, of course, affect all inmates.

Mistake#3 Wrong Installation
And here we present to you another common blunder. There are several instances where the Humidifier fails to perform with optimal efficiency from the very beginning when it is brand new. And the reason behind that is; improper installation. It is unwise to expect an appliance to give 100% efficiency when it was not given a 100% right installation. The loopholes left during the course of unprofessional and improper installation not only affect the efficiency of the unit but also lead the unit to frequent repairs and sudden breakdowns. So when you have already acted generous enough to spend those dollars that you spent on the purchase of a costly and branded unit, show some more generosity and go for professional installation. You can use your DIY skills elsewhere so better not ruin this investment with an unwise decision of DIY or unprofessional installation.

Do you have a Humidifier installed at home? If not, how do you maintain indoor humidity? If yes, do you think it is the right unit for your home?  

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