If you are building or renovating a home and like central heating/cooling system over the ductless heating/cooling system, an important decision for you to make would be that of ductwork installation since, without a ductwork, the central cooling/heating system would not be possible. It is not only about choosing the right technician that matters in this case, it is also about making the right choice for the type of ductwork that you would install. There are different materials that are being used for ductwork installation, each with its own pros and cons and each with its own varying effectivity in varying circumstances. You need to learn about what variety is available to choose from in order to choose the most compatible material for your ductwork installation. The one which is also affordable and durable.

Stainless Steel Ducts

This types of ducts are what most homes have; made up of stainless steel pipes that are rectangular and rounded. These differently shaped ducts are fitted together and sealed tightly at the joints in order to make them fully airtight. Some people prefer to add a layer of foam or asbestos in or around the stainless steel duct in order to insulate it. The benefit of stainless steel duct is its longevity, however, the drawback is the initial cost that is required to install it. If you are low on budget, you would have to switch to another medium.

Non-metallic Ducts

In contrast to the metallic ducts, flexible non-metallic ducts are also prevalent due to the convincing feature of being able to accommodate in places of twist and turns or in small spaces. They are non-metallic and flexible as the name suggests. Made up of plastic or any other non-metallic material, these duct pipes are made up in a spring-like form and due to the non-metallic characteristic, they do not face corrosion that the metal ducts do over time. Plastic, with which these non-metallic ducts are usually made, are better at insulation than metals.

Fibreglass Ductboards

Compressed fibreglass is used in this type of ducts. The outer layer of Fibreglass duct boards is made up of foil that resists moisture while also serve as an air barrier. Like the outside, the inside of these ducts is also lined in order to prevent the fibreglass fragments to loose and enter your home. Fibreglass duct boards are among the most economical ductwork installation material. They are also sound proof.

The right installer matters!

Now that you have come to know of a brief introduction of the different materials available for ductwork installation, here's one thing that we want to remind you. And that is the importance of choosing the right installer. While many people underestimate professionalism, the truth is, a professional's well-performed job can save you money in the long run while a non-professional 's performed job will cost you money frequently. With special reference to the ductwork, keep in mind that the efficiency of your HVAC appliances is directly as well as indirect dependant on your ductwork. An improper installation will put your entire system at risk while your energy bills will also raise. So before you think that you are done with the best material choice for duct installation, wait a minute and think, ''Am I also done with the best installer choice''?

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