What if you purchase a brand new Air Conditioner and have to get it repaired just after a few months that too with an expense of several hundred dollars? Where did the warranty go? Why did you have to pay for the repairs when the company gave a warranty of 10 years? Well, it happened because you accidentally voided your warranty. You might wonder if you have never been to such a situation, how can someone void his own warranty? Well, this happens accidentally as part of lack of knowledge about warranties and also because these accidents can so frequently take place as the brand wants you to make those accidents (mean, right?) so that you pay yourself. And for this reason, the voiding of warranty thing is kept quite easy. So before you void your warranty, let's help you learn how not to end up voiding it.

Forgetting to register the system 

Hey! Didn't you know this? Well, so many people don't that it's important to get a system registered with the company once it is purchased or else the warranty will stand void. And this is not all; the time for registration is limited; usually 60-90 days.
If you have recently purchased an Air Conditioner but didn't get your system registered, run!
A good way to save yourself from this mistake is to look for a retailer that performs the registration on your behalf. There are several good HVAC services that fill the registration form on their customer's behalf as he makes a purchase. So your warranty doesn't get voided.

Cheap, Off-brand replacement parts

And here's one thing that many homeowners fall into. Off-brand replacement parts. Usually, the unprofessional services repair the appliances using off-brand parts and for your information, this voids warranty as well. Since the manufacturer wants you to use only its own manufactured replacement parts, it doesn't take any responsibility of your appliance if you have already repaired it using non/off-brand parts. 
Here you need to do two things;
- Always purchase the same repair parts as is your appliance's brand
- Do not hire unprofessional people who would put you and your appliance at a double risk and loss

Delaying regular maintenance 

There are several homeowners that delay HVAC maintenance just to save some dollars. But did you know, it is important to keep the appliances maintained in order to keep the warranty valid? HVAC manufacturers want the homeowners to maintain their appliances at least once a year and also to keep a record of the maintenance visits of a certified HVAC professional. So if you complain the company and don't have maintenance record, there are high chances you won't be given any compensation.
So from now onwards, make a routine of having all your HVAC appliances maintained by a certified professional.

There is one quick thing to mention; when we say maintenance, we do seriously mean professional maintenance. And since you're reading about the things that void the warranty, you also need to learn that any unprofessional repair also results in voiding the HVAC warranty.
Save your warranties - save your dollars

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