Every year, thousands of Canadian homeowners purchase new HVAC appliances, including Furnaces, Water Heaters, Air Conditioners and others. But how many of them also end up making the right purchases as they purchase? Not so many. And that is because homeowners do not pay enough attention to the pros and cons of an appliance, it's price and how both of these factors will contribute to affecting the efficiency and longevity of it. Also, the attractive commercials and advertisements leave no room for critically analysing the advertised appliances. As a result, homeowners buy what they are forced to buy. This enforcement could be in the form of a sticky retailer, a constant ad popping up on social media or TV or a friend or family having a good experience with a particular appliance.

As HVAC specialist, we think that every single home has its own peculiar requirements and every single homeowner his own peculiar needs. What works best for so many out there may not work the same way for you so it is important to critically analyse the appliance and compare its pros and cons with your needs and wants. We are writing this post to help homeowners make wise choices as they purchase Air Conditioner units for their homes.

How to make wise Air Conditioner purchase

Picking the right SEER. Not more not less

So if somebody tells you the higher the SEER the better the savings, you need to read between the lines. High SEER does not always mean savings and high seer does not mean it's perfect for you. Depending on the climate, the usage of the unit and some other factors, seer suitability varies from home to home. For mild climates, a 14 SEER Air Conditioner goes fine while for hotter climates, a unit of 16 SEER would be suitable in all cases. If you choose to go any higher and can afford to go higher, make sure the investment is worth making by doing some rough calculations. So the first most important point is to not fall for ''Buy high SEER Air Conditioner and it will pay for itself'' kind of advertisement lines. An honest HVAC professional can help you decide what SEER unit would work best for your home. And if you don't find one such honest man, consider relying on the online calculators that help calculate whether or not a particular SEER would help save in long run and how much savings can be expected.

Sizing will affect the comfort

As we always say, it is important to purchase the right size of Air Conditioner. Size defines cooling power. So a 1 ton AC will have less cooling power than a 2 ton AC but this depends on the area to be cooled. For a small area, 1 ton will be better while for larger areas, 2 ton will suffice better. Remember that it is not only purchasing a small size unit for a large area that will affect the comfort but also purchasing a large unit for a small area that will cause discomfort. The AC, in this case, will frequently trip and will not be able to comfortably cool the indoor. Also, high energy bills are a clear consequence.
So as you plan to purchase a new unit, consider your location, your home's area, your home's insulation, your already installed unit and then decide the size.
If you have a hard time deciding the right size, we always recommend talking to professionals for better and more reliable advice.

Contractors matter!

Even if you choose the very best unit, not choosing the right retailer and the right installer will still keep you in a loss. So make a thorough research about the retailers in your vicinity. Take help from Google and the reviews will help you reach the right people. Don't take this advice lightly. It's almost equal if not more than the price of your Air Conditioner. 

Some additional tips to consider

- Taking bids from multiple contractors will help you reach the right and affordable one
- Make sure you know what exactly is included in your package
- This one is important; Do not hire someone to install your system just because he is charging less. He may be charging less because he is not a professional. Better choose professionals for a higher price than choosing an unprofessional for a lower price.

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