You don't necessarily have to upgrade to costly appliances if your goal is to make your home and workplace energy efficient. There are simple everyday practices that can not only add to your own comfort but can also minus your discomfort that is caused by hefty energy bills. And at the same time can contribute to making Earth a safer and healthier abode.
Let's discuss some tips for making the home as well as the workplace energy efficient.

Ways to make home and workplace energy efficient 

- Making an upgrade to LED or fluorescents lights is no big deal but did you know, doing so can make a significant difference to your energy bills

- Turning off lights be they LED or fluorescent when they are not in use can further lower the energy consumption

- You might think that leaving a TV or computer turned on all day is not a big issue. But you are wrong. Did you know that a TV can cost $22-$110 annually if it is used for only 5 hours a day? Now if your TV operates all the time, do the maths yourself and calculate the extra dollars that you have to pay every year. Switch it off!

- Homeowners are already upgrading to Smart Thermostat technology but the thing is only a handful of people make the right use of these thermostats and make the most of it. A majority uses it primarily for setting up the desired temperature or to remotely control the indoor temperature. There's a lot more that the Smart technology can offer. Only if the Thermostat is set to lower the temperature at night hours and the hours when you are not at home, you can make a bulk of saving.

- Not having a tune-up costs you extra as the unmaintained appliances operate. Get your Air Conditioner tuned up every spring and Furnace every fall

- In order to save on maintenance and repair that you will have to take sooner or later, a wise practice is to subscribe to a maintenance & repair plan that is cheaper as compared to taking a fresh service every time. But here, be sure that you subscribe to the plan of a reliable service

- Leaking ductwork, leaking refrigerant coil or leaks in doors and windows, all of these lead to a rise in energy cost. It is your duty, as a homeowner to be vigilant about identifying and fixing any such issues or calling an HVAC professional as soon as a problem is found

- Improving insulation can add to keeping the indoor warm in winters and cool in the summers. But for that, once again, it is not necessary to go for costly insulation or to call an HVAC tech. If you already have your home insulated or the architecture is such that no complex insulation is required, you can try a DIY. Simply get some fibreglass batts and use them for the purpose of insulation

- Avoid the use of heavy appliances during peak hours to save on energy cost

Following all the above-mentioned tips, you can get a guaranteed reduction in energy bills and that too in hundreds of dollars.

How many of these practices do you already follow? And what other ways do you use to keep energy cost in control and make your home smarter? Share with us!

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