A classic war begins every season nearly at each indoor facility regarding temperature increase or decrease. At home, when you get a chance to save the utility bills especially in winters, your kids join the opponent army. Parents want no one to touch the Thermostat and kids want a higher temperature. However, if you are battling with utility bills due to heating appliances in winter, you need these 5 “housewarming” (to make your house warmer actually) tips to help save your money without even touching the thermostat!

1. Annual Furnace Maintenance
The first and foremost tip is to inspect your Furnace every year before winters to increase its efficiency and lifespan. Remember, the more responsible you become towards your Furnace, the less it consumes the energy saving your utility bills up to 40%. Furnace maintenance is as necessary every year as buying warmers for winter. So tuck and roll for the furnaces before winter begins!

2. Rugs and Thick Carpets
This tip is a vintage! We all seem to know about it. When winters approach, fill your home with fluffy rugs to make it warmer than ever as the wood flooring or lamination is not cosy at all. Throw a wall carpeting or throwing big rugs all over the space to save the utility fees plus your life.

3. Heavy Curtains
Not recommending any luxury curtains but good quality thick curtains can provide comfort and warmth of your dream. Simply by hanging curtains on windows or giving your blinds a little drape can prevent heat loss and cold exchange through windows. This technique will help you establish your living space by not moving any furniture and will recover a past heat loss.

4. Insulating Windows and Door

When heavy curtains are not your choice and want natural light around your house, plastic insulation is the answer. A house becomes colder even in presence of a furnace when some loopholes provide a way for the cold to enter the house. For all those problems, invisible plastic insulation, foam seal tape or replacing the door sweep will forbid all the chilly wind entering your house.

5. Loft Insulation

Most of the indoor heat is lost through the roof or ceiling. All you can do to save your utility bills during winter is insulating your attic. The loft insulation may shake a little of your budget but it stays there and is effective for more than 35 years and that’s a quite good shot. Once you get loft insulation, it can decrease utility bills up to 20-25%. Voila!

These 5 tips can make your house warmer, comfortable and cosier than ever and the added benefit of cutting down utility bills make these worth trying. By keeping your Thermostat low by employing the above-mentioned tips, you can catch the reward and by maintaining your Furnace on the very first hand will keep you in harmony and peace for the whole year. Now, what are you waiting for?

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