There is one general rule when it comes to appliances, be they HVAC appliances or any other appliances. And the rule is; never use an appliance after a long period of no usage, without giving it a tune-up. Imagine yourself woken up abruptly by someone from a deep sleep. How does it feel like? The appliances feel even worse. And there are clear reasons why this should not be done. As the appliances remain unused, they accumulate dust and debris in their components. Often times, insects or animals (in the case of big appliances) damage the electrical components of the appliance. In some cases, animals or birds make their homes in some components; this usually happens in the case of outdoor appliances like an outdoor AC unit. Turning the unit up abruptly could result in the killing of those innocent living being. So tune- up is a good idea.

When it comes to summer's most important appliance; the Air Conditioner, you have to be concerned even more about its tune-up and equally concerned about the time the tune-up should be given. We suggest that you should give your Air Conditioner a tune-up in spring, preferably in the middle or end of spring. At this time, not only that the professionals are easily available but also your Air Conditioner receives a tune-up of full concentration.
Here are three reasons why Spring tune-up is a practice that returns well:

Saves you from the emergency breakdown 

As an appliance is turned on without giving a tune-up, it is at constant risk of breakdown. So you could expect a bad afternoon or bad late night hours in which your unit will suddenly cease to work. Giving the unit a tune-up well in time ensures worry-free summers. Also, any repair needs are also sufficed well in time.

Better comfort - Lower bills 

A timely AC tune-up offers another benefit and that is of better comfort with yet low energy bills. The unmaintained units have to push harder to operate because of the accumulated dust and debris. The unit when it overworks results in high energy bills. Getting your Air Conditioner tuned up well in time provides with better airflow and lower energy bills.

Eco-friendly aspect 

The eco-friendliness of well-maintained appliances cannot be overlooked. By getting your Air Conditioner tuned up in Spring, the unit is recovered to its best potential condition. As a result, carbon prints are reduced. So while a well in time tune-up benefits you, it benefits the environment as well.

Should you try DIY tune-up? 

As professionals, we suggest not to do DIY tune-up. The reason is; when homeowners perform DIY with HVAC appliances, there's a lot that is left behind. Tune-up is not just about cleaning the exterior or immediate interior of the unit. It also includes lubrication of parts, testing of pressure, refrigerant lines and refrigerant quantity, air vents and other things that are responsible for proper functioning of the system. So while you should prefer performing regular unit cleaning through the season by yourself, we recommend taking professional help when it comes to annual tune-up.

What was the last time you took a professional tune-up service?

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