It is miserable to find yourself in the middle of hot summer days with AC not blowing cold air. We can imagine the situation when you come back home after a long hot summer day and expect to unwind in your cooled down space, yet you suddenly realize the air coming from AC is not what you expected, and the temperature inside your home is as HOT as outside.
Hold on! Don’t need to keep your family worried and uncomfortable. Walk out through the following methods to figure out the problems before things get unbearable.  
AC not blowing hard

Why is My AC not blowing hard?:

When the weather is consistently heating up, the worst nightmare one could ever have is to deal with unexpected problems with home comfort like AC not blowing hard.  Ideally, the vent should blow strong and consistent air. And in any case, you sense that air coming out of vents is uneven and weak, then there is an issue with the system that needs to be diagnosed quickly. 
We recommend performing DIY maintenance before calling an expert technician to home. 
In the first place, make sure the problem is with the vents and secondly, there is no hindrance coming in the ways of vents that restrict the flow of air in any way. Moreover, ensure there is no visible problem with the evaporator coil, and flex ducts are not worn down. Lastly, check the dampers are open and functioning properly. 

The common issues when AC is not blowing hard: 

Follow the do-it-yourself checks and if the problem persists don’t hesitate to call a professional. 

Replace broken Fans:

Every homeowner needs to retreat to the safety of home and when you see irregularity or uneven air from the vents, then consider changing the broken fans. When blower motor is crushed, or fan blades are covered with excessive dust then do the following:

Solution: Turn off the ac and find the blower motor and clean if there is any dust. 

Clogged air filters:

One of the most obvious issues of impaired air flow could be clogged air filters. When homeowners don’t timely change the filters, it is more likely that the dirt, debris may start developing and obstructing the proper flow out of the system. It not just brings the problem with the air conditioner but also increase the chances of respiratory disorders.

Solution: Change the air filters.

Frozen evaporator coil:

Are you experiencing a problem in Air Conditioner, coil might be to blame? The evaporator coil is the component of air conditioner which performs a function to cool air. Sometimes, it gets over cold, and the humidity of your home converts it into a frozen evaporator coil. 

Solution: Turn off the AC and let ice to melt, ensure return gates are all open and clean air filters if they are dirty. 

When to call an HVAC professional:

In the worst-case scenarios, you must call an HVAC professional, especially when the problem is with air ducts like ducts are leaky, have holes, or the system suffers from other technical or mechanical malfunctionings.  

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