Indoor air pollution is a matter of increased concern and visibility. There are a plethora of companies marketing the products and services intended to improve the indoor air quality. Such companies have approached many homeowners and truth be told, duct cleaning services have made a massive growth in recent years because their role in pristine indoor air quality is imperative.

Wondering if duct cleaning is worth the money spent? Firstly NOT every homeowner needs to have their ducts cleaned. To help you be informed, whether you are the one who needs a thorough inspection, we have made a comprehensive guide, where you’ll learn:

- What is air duct cleaning?
- How does air duct cleaning work?
- How often you need to have the air duct cleaned?
- What can air duct cleaning cost you?
- The possible health benefits

What is air duct cleaning? 

Air duct cleaning is a process where various parts of the forced air heating and cooling system are professionally cleaned to eliminate dust, bacteria, and other particles. A cleaner along with air ducts thoroughly cleans the other parts like fan motor, condensate drip pans, heat exchangers, grilles, diffusers, supply and return ducts, and registers. 

How does the air cleaning process work?

Contaminants using the agitation devices are removed from the HVAC surface in the first place. Next, a vacuum system is used to remove the loosened particles.
It is essential to build a sanction that keeps the movement of particles one-directional and which is into the vacuum hose. During the whole process, the system is kept in a negative pressure to stop air from escaping into the other part of the house. The technician also uses chemical biocides to kill the bacteria inside the ducts. 

How often you need to have the duct cleaned?

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency do not recommend to include duct cleaning in the annual home maintenance routine. We never like to breathe the air that moves through filthy or dust-covered passages? Therefore, immediately call a technician when you observe the excessive dust, vermin, mold, restricted airflow or water damage. The best part is most of the dust gets stick to the surface and does not move into the living space; that’s why we recommend to have the ducts cleaned after every few years. 

What a duct cleaning cost you?

The cost of duct cleaning will not be the same for everyone. The cost estimation is done by knowing the size of the home in square feet, number of storeys and supply registers and also the size of the HVAC equipment, level of contamination and how long the job can take. 

The possible health benefits

Dust inside the home builds up with various dust mites, pollen, pet fur, and more, the springing of these particles can result in many health-related problems. Having air ducts cleaned benefits your health as asthma and allergic symptoms are more likely to trigger when you breathe in dirty air.
Get your duct cleaned! 

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