You don't see HVAC appliances in sight as you visit someone. And you know the reason. They are kept in places which are out of sight. For instance, garage, attic, closet or most commonly basement. And these are the places where all the other stuff is thrown out which the homeowners wishes to hide. Though common, this is a deadly practice. And while the professional's endorsement of keeping the space around HVAC appliances goes unheard, it could take lives. This blog is dedicated to making your HVAC space safe. Be mindful of all the pieces of advice made here and the consequences of cluttering your HVAC space.

1. Inadequate air flow 

When the surrounding of heating or cooling appliances is teamed with random stuff, the airflow is affected. And while you might already know that these appliances particularly the heating appliances need adequate supply of air in order to work efficiently. So, the immediate effect of a clutter filled surrounding is the affected efficiency of the appliance.

2. Off-gassing and bad IAQ

Items like sprays, paints and other chemicals emit fumes. This emission sometimes speeds up as a result of the heat produced by the HVAC appliances. These fumes spread rapidly all over the home and impact the indoor air quality. Sometimes the IAQ deteriorates so much that the indoor is more polluted than the outdoor. This off-gassing causes allergies, asthma and raises several other health concerns.

3. Danger of flammable items

Chemical fumes is one danger and flammable items yet another. You most often see the Furnace surrounded with card-boards, wooden items, small bottles of sprays etc. And all of these are a big big sign of danger. Once they catch fire, it if difficult to manage it. Also, some particular chemicals can undergo chemical reaction with the Furnace components and damage them.
At least a two feet of area around the Furnace should be kept cleared and specially of such flammable items.

4. No laundry around HVAC!

Strictly avoid washing lines close to Furnace as well as water heater. Even if they are not proper washing lines, people sometimes randomly hang or place clothes near the Furnace or Water Heater to dry. Similar to the wood or paper, cloths can also catch fire and even if they don't, hanging cloths close to these appliances definitely impedes the air flow.

5. Dust is the biggest culprit 

Did you know, the most of the Furnace fire incidents take place as a result of dust? Oh yes, the dust which clogs the system results in poor air flow which leads to short circuiting and fires. So the care of all cares is to clean! And clean regularly. Even during the off peak seasons, consider cleaning the appliance once every month so that it does not get dirty enough to set itself on fire (in anger).

6. Emergencies are difficult to handle with clutter 

Imagine if God forbid, an emergency situation arises, how much of the time would be wasted clearing the clutter? Emergencies become even difficult to manage when the surroundings of an appliance is full of clutter. It is just synonymous with putting yourself at risk.

If you're a concerned homeowner, you definitely do not wish to risk yourself or your home. And they say, prevention is better than cure. So better prevent yourself from such deadly situations instead of trying to cure them later. 

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