A heating and cooling system, whether it’s an LPG, gas, or oil-fired unit can only produce optimal home comfort when it is disciplined by the right Thermostat and ideal settings.
A right thermostat is one that delivers demonstrated energy savings and reliable performance with improved convenience and insight, not to mention, the computability with your HVAC system.

There are many brands offering smart thermostats that are energy-efficient, and control temperature based on your lifestyle. With a plethora of thermostats available in the market, choosing the right one often becomes a sticky-wicket for homeowners. 

In this blog post, you’ll get the knack of how to select the right thermostats for your home and what new advancements are there in the Thermostat types.
Let’s first read over the different types!

Manual Thermostats 

A manual thermostat is a round unit that is a simple and economical. Generally, it is found in old homes where homeowners manually move the needle up or down to adjust the unit according to their comfort level. These devices are less energy-efficient however, they work well for those who want a fixed temperature. 

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat unit enables to input customized settings for every day of a week. You can make the most efficient use by adjusting the temperature throughout the day. These units can save much on heating and cooling costs. However, homeowners must choose a model that is compatible with their HVAC system. 

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is a WiFi-enabled device that allows you to manage your heating and cooling remotely from a laptop, tablet or mobile. There are other great models in market that incorporate more sophisticated features like they learn from your previous choices and adjust temperature accordingly and some may use automation and optimization feature and access the right timing of turning your system on. 

Room Thermostats

These thermostats maintain the best temperature and prevent your home from getting warmer than it needs to. You should set this at the lowest possible comfortable temperature.

Room thermostat should be given a free flow of air in order to sense the temperature more precisely. Homeowners should ensure there is no blockage due to any heat source, furniture, or curtains. 

Hot water Thermostats

Hot water thermostat is for those who store water in cylinder and want to prevent it from heating more than it needs to. The heat supply from the boiler automatically stops as soon as water reaches the temperature you have set.
For the best performance, you must install a thermostatic mixing valve that automatically ensures that water is at a safe temperature. 

Get energy-efficient-home with a programmable thermostat

With a programmable thermostat, you can run a scheduled heating and cooling program without manually changing the setting throughout the day. The best part is you can change the temperature six or more times in a day.

The 7- days thermostat: The most adjustable thermostat that offers a setting for every day of the week. This model is perfect for those that want temperature changing daily.

5+1+1 thermostat: With this unit, you can set one setting for weekdays and separate setting/schedule for Saturday and Sunday.

5+2 thermostat: It is for those who want to set one program for weekdays and one for weekends.

1-week thermostat: This model repeats the same setting through a week and is not as efficient as other models in the market.

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