This is 2020 and the debate of whether or not the air duct needs regular cleaning is still as hot as it was. While some suggest that air ducts don't need cleaning and cleaning creates more mess, others opine that the dust and debris from the air ducts impact the homeowner's health and therefore, the ducts need to be cleaned thoroughly after a period of one year. So the question is; should everyone have their ducts cleaned and does cleaning the ducts really make a difference? Let's explore.

What does EPA say?

Environmental Protection Agency of the US has clearly explained that no evidence exists, proving that duct cleaning improved the health of the homeowners and therefore, does not endorse a duration as one year and that too as a must. The reason why there are so many articles over the internet on the importance of duct cleaning is that an entire industry has built around this issue as a result of the demand from the homeowners. Homeowners want to have their ducts cleaned and are willing to pay a heavy amount for that while on the other hand, the cleaners are willing to hunt more and more customers. As a result, a mindset hs created convincing homeowners to have their ducts cleaned and convincing them to the point that they are found attributing all kinds of respiratory or bad indoor air problems to the ducts.

Does Duct Cleaning make all the difference? 

The truth is, cleaning alone cannot help as long as the root of pollutants is not identified and removed. For instance, if the duct builds up mold and mildew which causes odor and allergies in the indoor, the solutions lie not just in cleaning but also in fixing the causes that promote the production of these; for instance high humidity.

Does duct cleaning improve HAVC performance?

Another myth needs to be debunked which is; duct cleaning drastically improves HVAC efficiency. The airflow may improve as the clogged filters are cleared and the duct is cleaned; however, a significant change in the system's efficiency should not be expected and having ducts cleaned only to improve efficiency, therefore, makes no sense.

Okay, so what is the best time for Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning has no fixed duration and must be done on an "as needed" basis. People living in relatively less polluted areas may not be in need of duct cleaning for years. 

If this is optional and not a must, what then is the ideal time to have the duct cleaned? Well, the ideal time is, "when it's needed". And as a homeowner, you can better decide when it's needed. When a stale air is felt from the registers, when throwing a torchlight from the register reveals massive clogs of debris stick to the walls and when the duct filters start to get dirty very frequently, you can plan to have the duct cleaned thoroughly by a trusted HVAC contractor. Such a time may come for you, only after using the same ductwork for years and years. For routine cleaning, using a vacuum from registers openings and using good quality air filters can do the best job.

So yeah fellas! It's not "a must after a year"

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